Our Services


Benefit #1

If you  have a loved one, who lives alone, this is a service that allows Peace of Mind, that your loved one is checked on daily, we send a phone message at a scheduled time, and we ask if they ARE,OK, given a yes, all is well !  If we dont get an answer we try again for 12 hours, then we call an Emergency number,  this can be a neighbor, friend , relative or the police, But your loved one is looked in on every day,  and notification is quick enough to allow a proper response.  This is a service i am buying for myself,But would make a great gift for someone.


Service #2

This is great for your Grandmother, father, brother, sister, or anyone who you want to know they are Well, This is WELLNESSCHECKCALL, We assure they are well, We can notify you on a daily basis with a return message when your loved one answers.


Services #3

In Progress will be an option for ASSISTANCE, If your loved one needs something they will be able to ask for and recieve optons for services, anything from carpet cleaning to a ride to a doctor appt. Yard mowed, or Refrigerator repair.